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Homemade ring on finger, blue

Hello, and Welcome to Charming Magpie Jewellery.

I sell handmade and upcycled creations made by me, Stacey. I love to get creative and make completely unique and quirky things out of other components, like pieces of jewellery, nail polish, keys, buttons, watch parts and so on. Upcycling is something that I love to do so that things don't get thrown away. Even broken things have so much more to give.

I also do commissions, so if you have a specific idea, choice of colour or gemstone, please get in touch and I'll make it happen.

Etsy LogoThese are just some of my latest creations. You can view more on my Etsy shop! If you have an idea for a commission, please contact me through Etsy. Thanks!

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